Hyatt to offer free COVID-19 testing at resorts in Mexico, Caribbean, South America

As a new U.S. requirement goes into effect for travelers on international flights to present a negative COVID-19 test before boarding their flight, concern has brewed over how and where travelers might get tested abroad. 

Hyatt Hotels announced Tuesday, the same day the requirement took effect, that it would offer free COVID-19 testing at 19 of its resorts in Mexico, Costa Rica, the Caribbean and South America for guests traveling to the U.S. The company claimed to be the first major hotel chain to offer widespread free testing, though other individual international hotels and some smaller hotel chains have announced similar measures. 

Hyatt also announced in a news release it would offer 50% off room rates and 30% off food to guests who can’t travel due to the testing requirement. 

“Our new complimentary COVID-19 testing and Travel Delay Rate provide travelers with added confidence, peace of mind and convenience when staying at or considering travel to Hyatt properties in Latin America,” Mark Vondrasek, chief commercial officer for Hyatt said in a statement. 

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