Hotel launches ‘Dad’s Club’ where kids can drop off embarrassing parents

When jetting off on holiday one of the big draws for parents is if a hotel has a Kids Club. The handy entertainment clubs mean that mums and dads can enjoy a few hours by the pool or at the spa relaxing.

After all, while we all love our children it can be nice to have a break from watching them while in the sunshine. Well, now it seems mums and kids will be treated to a break to – from dad.

easyJet Holidays is launching the world’s first in-hotel ‘Dad’s Club’, a twist on the classic ‘Kid’s Club’ in the Costa Del Sol, Spain. That’s right, you’ll be able to drop off eager dads who need to work off some energy at the all-inclusive hotels dad club.

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The one-of-a-kind club follows research revealing over half of British teenagers admit their dads embarrass them on holiday with an average of 22 cringe-worthy faux-pas per week. Boy, do we remember that…

A whopping 54% of British teenagers agree that dads embarrass them on family holidays – by telling bad jokes, snoring by the pool and cringeworthy dancing. A study of 1,000 British teenagers discovered that they were embarrassed by their dads wearing socks with sandals, complaining loudly, causing frisbee accidents and constantly taking photos while abroad.

The amusing dads club will offer some classic father entertainment services. These include: dad dancing lessons, air guitar tuition, a socks and sandals fashion show and a dad’s joke workshop.

Just drop any willing dads off and then head for a cocktail at the pool, a massage or to play some sports with the kids. With dad at his club you’ll be able to. Do so without any embarrassing moments.

Dad’s Club opens at the Holiday World Polynesia in Benalmádena, Spain on August 24 and 25. The hotel has plenty to do for the whole family too. There’s a kids’ club, outdoor pool, gym and spa centre. Plus, basketball and table tennis and a playground and children’s pool.

Comedian Omid Djalili – who is promoting the club and a self-confessed embarrassing parent himself, said: "It’s a rite of passage for us Dads to embarrass our kids. It comes with the job.

"So I’m very proud to have teamed up with easyJet Holidays to unveil a new club JUST for Dads. A safe space to learn how to throw a frisbee, dance without pulling a muscle and crafting brilliant jokes for the 21st century."

Sarah Ockwell-Smith, a parenting expert, who is working with the brand said: "Holidays are a perfect time to reconnect with teens, but sometimes all the extra time spent together can cause friction. Not to mention the excitement and freedom of holiday-mode causing some pretty cringey (according to the kids) behaviour, which can lead to embarrassment.

"Disco dancing, air guitar and socks and sandals? Definite trigger points."

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