‘Don’t be that person’ – Cruise guest issues warning

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A huge cruise ship will usually carry thousands of passengers. A guest has issued a stark warning for new cruisers.

They said on Reddit: “Don’t be the person that thinks they can skip the muster drill. It may be on the app or on your stateroom TV.

“It’s short and 110 percent essential. You don’t want to be the person who has their name broadcast all over the ship as the rest of the passengers wait for sail away, or get booted off for refusing to do the muster drill.

“Get on the ship’s WIFI, get it over with, check in at your station with a crew member and enjoy your cruise.”

The muster drill is never popular with cruise guests but it’s an essential activity on the first day onboard.

Sometimes referred to as a lifeboat drill or a boat drill, the muster drill explains what passengers need to do in the event of an emergency.

During the briefing, passengers will learn where they need to go if anything happens and the procedure for an accident.

Another guest added: “Fly into the departing port at least the day before. Always. Flights home should be no earlier than noon.”

Missing the ship is most passengers’ worst nightmare so guests should ensure their flight arrives with plenty of time.

If possible, guests can plan to fly in the day before and stay in a hotel near the port so they don’t need to worry.

When it comes to going home, passengers should make sure their flight leaves no earlier than noon.

It can take a long time to disembark all the ship’s passengers and guests could run the risk of missing their flight if it’s very early.

Another passenger said: “Wear a watch on shore excursions set to ship time and plan on being back to the ship about an hour before the time to get back onboard.

“Your phone may adjust to local time which may be completely different from ship time. We like to return a couple of hours before final boarding time and relax at the pool.”

Ship time can be different to local time as cruise ships may travel through several time zones during the voyage.

It’s a good idea for passengers to set a watch to ship time to make sure they’re back onboard on time.

If guests are on ship excursions, the crew team will make sure they are back at the ship before departure.

The passenger added: “Don’t forget to bring suncream and use it. It’s pretty common to see people who are as red as lobsters onboard.”

On the first day, guests’ cabins usually won’t be ready until the afternoon and their bags will be delivered later on.

If passengers want to hang out on deck or by the pool, they should pack some suncream in their hand luggage.

They won’t be able to access their main luggage until later on in the day which could put them at risk of burning.

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