Holidaymaker takes photo of hotel breakfast – and people say it’s ‘insulting’

A holidaymaker has been left baffled after requesting breakfast with an early hotel checkout – only to find themselves with a less-than-appetising option.

Posting on Reddit the bemused traveller wrote: "Hotel offered us takeaway breakfast of pastries and coffees for very early checkout. Opened bag to find this sandwich."

Pastries are most definitely not what was on the cards.

Instead there's a dubious looking sandwich made up of soggy bread and what looks like very yellow broccoli, all smushed together.

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In fact, exactly what the contents consist of have left people divided; some have guessed broccoli, some have questioned if the iffy yellow colour actually comes from seasoning, and others reckon there's been mango or pickled ginger added to give it the dubious colour.

What they all seem to agree on is that it most definitely isn't a tempting breakfast. "That is possibly the worst thing I have ever seen," one person claimed.

Some Reddit fans are also convinced that the hotel staff must have been disgruntled at the request. "How do you take this as anything but an insult", wrote one user, while another added "did you p*** off the hotel staff during your stay"?

Others saw the funny side, with one quipping "at least it looks healthy" and another adding, "next time I'm mad I'm going to call someone a broccoli sandwich".

It's not the first time someone's been caught off guard by a hotel's breakfast offering.

One mum was fuming when she was charged for two hotel breakfasts one morning, after she helped herself to some drinks and toast. However, people were divided as to whether she was in the right, because she had originally only requested a cooked breakfast.

Meanwhile, former hotel workers have claimed that there’s a “disgusting” side to hospitality that only the staff get to see.

Posting on Reddit, housekeepers, check-in staff, cleaners and concierges have explained the “strangest” things they’ve seen during working hours (You can read the full list here).

One worker wrote: “I worked at a hotel that had ice machines on each floor.

“Our ice machines were not the type where you push a button to release the ice. Instead, you opened up the bin and scooped the ice out.

“Every month or so, maintenance would remove all the ice and throughly clean the bins. One month, we found a used condom in the bin.”


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What's the best or worst hotel breakfast you've ever had? Let us know in the comments below.

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