Holiday chaos as Britons rush to hotel pool to hog sunbeds at 5am – ‘Ridiculous’

Mum shares process to reserve sunbed on holiday

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Dreamed of having the best spot by the hotel pool? Some British tourists have taken it to the extreme by saving their spot at 5am.

Footage shared on Instagram showed rows of towels laid out on the ground by the hotel swimming pool.

Some tourists have even blown up inflatable toys in the footage filmed at the Pirates Village in Santa Ponsa.

The 38 year old mum who filmed the footage said the rush was “ridiculous” and blamed Britons for the chaotic scenes.

She said: “It’s 2022, so why are we living up to this stereotypically British behaviour of fighting over the sunbeds? It’s like a ridiculous game every day.”

The mum said she got up at 6am every day to work and was now getting up even earlier to secure her family a place by the pool.

She added that the rush was all British tourists and there were no German tourists in sight.

The incredulous tourist said that some parents with small children had raised the issue with hotel staff.

She told Metro: “More tactical, skilled and hated than any sports team in the world…In this example sunbeds aren’t unlocked until 8am.

“The more dedicated of the team even stake out on these towels until unlock time. No towel down by 7am, no poolside space for your family.”

The mum added that there were around four or five stacks of sunbeds around the pool and people would put their towels down to mark where they wanted their lounger.

She compared the chaotic scenes to “the rush for boats on the Titanic” and said it was “ridiculous”.

The British tourists said that “British people are determined to fight it out to get a parasol by the pool, despite everything else going on in the world.”

Another video recently went viral showing tourists rushing out to hog sun loungers as soon as the hotel pool opened.

The video, filmed at Paradise Park in the Canary Islands, gained five million views on TikTok.

A spokesperson for the hotel told MailOnline that they were “amused” to see the video on the social media platform.

They added that the hotel had five swimming pools with space and sunbeds for all of its holiday guests.

Some resorts will confiscate holidaymakers’ towels if they try to secure a sunbed but aren’t present.

Staff at one hotel in Tenerife took a group of tourists’ belongings and left a note to tell them their stuff was at the reception instead.

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