Hand luggage: Two easy household items that keep delicate cabin baggage perfect on flights

Hand baggage limitations are becoming ever more stringent, raising a particular problem for style-savvy holidaymakers. Those who opt for cabin baggage only, in an attempt to swerve expensive airline suitcase hold fees, may feel they have to compromise on the fashionable finishing touches to an outfit and leave them at home. This may mean swapping out pairs of bulky shoes or handbags in order to meet the size and weight criteria for a particular airline. Yet experts at MyBaggage.com have revealed a simple trick – involving two household items – which means travellers can pack all their accessories and keep them tangle free.

They advised those transporting jewellery to put necklaces in particular “through a straw, and use a button to transport your favourite earrings.”

This means the chains would emerge at a travellers’ intended destination tangle free.

Meanwhile earrings, particularly problematic for transporting, would not lose the back which, if absent, would render them unusable.

A spokesperson from My Baggage.com said: “Packing your case and only taking what you actually need is a real art. It’s too easy to over pack and chuck everything you could possibly want into your case – only to bring it back home unworn and full of creases.

“Instead, plan ahead, make a list and only take what you need. Easy tips like taking small travel sized bottles of your favourite shampoo and conditioner is an obvious one and taking face cream in compact contact lens cases.

“Other advice helps you transport things safely and without damage.

“Wrapping heating tools in an oven mitt protects them and surrounding items in your case and earrings in a button means no lost backs.”

The advice also suggested storing perfume bottles in shoes or socks for extra padding.

It also stressed travellers should not spare sarongs as an accessory to be crammed in.

These could not only be used for swimmer but for cover ups, towels and blankets.

Meanwhile, for families heading on a summer holiday with a single suitcase allocation, help is also on hand.

Research from travel company On the Beach showed 29 per cent of families confessed a total of half the items they take overseas stay in their suitcase untouched.

Less than one in 10 insisted they used everything they had packed in their luggage.

Their main handy packing hint centres on one particular household item.

If travellers use packing cubes for their garments, that claim, overpacking can be prevented.

The expert stated: “Not only does this help to compact clothes down more but they are a great visual guide to stop you overpacking.

“Only having one cube per person makes you more focused on what can be left behind.”

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