Grim moment plane passenger feels woman’s bare feet on the back of her head

A grossed-out plane passenger filmed a woman's feet on her armrest and claimed they had "touched her head" with their toes during the flight.

In a video shared on Instagram by @passengershaming a woman's red-painted toes are uncomfortably close to the poor passenger sitting in the seat in front of her.

Alison Kay Bowles @alisonbowles, a New York-based model, zooms in on the feet and then explains: "I was laying down and felt this lady's feet on my head. What should I do?"

The video was "liked" nearly 15,000 times since it was uploaded on Monday (February 7) and many users had suggestions, such as "sneezing" on the feet.

One person commented: "Make an exaggerated sneeze sound while flicking some water on their feet, works every time."

A second user reckoned she should "accidentally" spill food on the invading trotters, writing: "Get some condiment packets from the stewardess."

"This is why I carry superglue on planes," said a third viewer.

A fourth user shared: "I have a very low tolerance for this kind of disrespect…"

Some of the more extreme (and illegal) suggestions were to spill hot coffee on the feet, while others said Alison should simply settle the matter by putting the armrest up, blocking the woman behind.

This comes after a flight attendant shared what he believed were the most annoying types of passengers.

Among his pet peeves were stupid questions, complaining about things beyond his control, and pushing and shoving to get off the plane before it was their turn to stand up.

Meanwhile, other flight crew revealed a game they like to play when they spot a passenger they fancy.

And, apparently, flight attendants have also confessed to farting in the middle of flights and using a technique they dubbed "crop dusting" to try and get away with it.

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