Google Maps: Terrifying ‘alien abduction’ spotted in back garden

Google Maps has many different features including maps, street view and satellite view. It is a very useful tool for those wanting to explore the world. Sometimes users come across some terrifying sights like this weird glowing object in a back garden.

This scene is spotted in a back garden of a normal looking house in Minehead, Somerset.

It appears to be a glowing object that is sitting onto of a house.

There are no other houses nearby which is why Reddit users began to believe this was a terrifying scene.

Posting the photo on Reddit, the user wrote: “An alien abduction in progress?

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“What is this mark above this house?”

The object has UFO features and is circular in shape.

It also appears to be hovering above the house and is towards the back garden.

So what is this strange looking object, is it really an alien abduction?

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Other users were less convinced and explained their theory as to what the bright object could be.

One person commented: “More than likely somebody was nude and noticeable or contacted Google to hide that part of their house.

“Also possibly a very bright reflection blew out the picture.”

Another Reddit user said: “Possible satellite sensor distortion.”

The user who stumbled upon the scene replied: “Ohh that makes sense about the reflection there’s a conservatory there, I’ve never seen anything like it on google maps before, thanks.”

Sometimes when viewing somewhere in satellite mode, Google can often face trouble.

It appears that it could be a bright light reflection bouncing off of the conservatory glass roof.

This weird light has also been seen multiple times across Google Maps.

Another scene was spotted in Austria where a similar shape object can be spotted on top of the house.

Colours of yellow and blue can be seen glowing on top of the house.

The user who posted the photo to Reddit captioned it: “Found this UFO looking thing while scrolling around.”

However again, it appears just to be a bright light radiating from the top of the house.

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