Google Maps Street View: Shocking motorbike collision captured – ‘he might be dead’

Google Maps captures moment motorbike ‘crashes’

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Google Maps Street View is a useful tool for exploring locations across the planet from ground view. Many users love to check out the platform to see what interesting spectacles can be seen. One sight in Japan spotted by viewers has sparked shock.

The image has gone viral after being posted to content-sharing site Reddit.

It depicts a curved road descending down a hill.

A motorbike can be seen driving towards the camera and the Google car.

However, it would seem something terrible later happened.

If the Street View user tracks forward down the street and looks back the motorbike can be spied.

However, rather than the rider driving off into the distance, the vehicle lies at the side of the road.

It would appear a crash has taken place.

It is unclear what exactly happened to cause the accident.

Reddit users wondered whether the Google car was to blame although there is no clear evidence of this.

The post was captioned: “Google Car vs Motorbike.”

It appears as though the rider in the shot is blurred out in the photo, but the pixelation makes it difficult to make out what’s happened.

Street View often hides faces to protect identities.

However, one Redditor speculated that the blurring might have been for another reason.

“Oof! Better blur this guy we almost killed,” one wrote, assuming rightly or wrongly that the Street View car had a part to play.

“You are assuming they almost killed him. He might be dead,” another said.

A third commented: “Quick, drive off before anyone notices… Oh wait.”

One viewer saw the advantage of the incident being caught on camera.

“Well this will be great for insurance,” they wrote.

Another focussed on the setting.

“This actually looks like a damn good place to go downhill with your motorbike,” they wrote.

Google has since responded to explain what actually is being shown in the picture.

The reality, according to the tech giant, is that the rider came off their bike at a sharp bend while Google was taking a collection of a road in Japan in 2013.

The Street View driver saw it happen and got out to make sure the rider was fine, which, fortunately, he was.


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