Google Maps Street View: Man caught during explicit moment while driving

Google Maps captures moment a man spills crates of juice

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Google Maps Street View is a great tool for finding specific directions and locations around the world. It is also particularly good for spotting people involved in all kinds of unexpected moments.

While these are sometimes hilarious, and can even feature people who have set up pranks to specifically be snapped by cameras, other’s are less excited about seeing the Google cameras.

Google Maps Street View works buying 3D cameras which are driven or walked around towns and cities by Google cars and staff members.

The cars, in particular, are easily spotted, thanks to the distinct appearance of the special camera attached to their roof.

In some cases, people have been known to react rather aggressively to the camera.

Such is the case for one anonymous man in Connecticut, US, who appears to have noticed the Google car while he was driving alongside it.

The man can be seen in the driver’s seat of a black car, driving through the intersection.

Dressed in a blue T-shirt, his identity is concealed by the sun shield of his car which is pulled down hiding most of his face.

However, there is one part of his body which is on full display.


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The man has his arm extended directly through the open window.

From there, he can be seen sticking his finger up in an explicit hand gesture.

His action is aimed directly at the camera lens.

Pulling such a move suggests the driver was not too pleased to see the Google car, however as he remains anonymous, the theory has not been confirmed.

The man also appears to be holding a white item, which looks a lot like a cigarette, in his other hand.

The post was shared on Reddit, where other Google Maps Street View fans have shared their opinion on the moment.

One viewer wrote: “This man is flipping the bird, drinking, smoking, and driving. What a multitasker!!”

A second user suggested his move was actually a form of road rage due to the nature of traffic in the area.

The commenter wrote: “As someone from western mass who lives 25 mins from Hartford I can confirm Hartford is a special place.

“The worst is driving through it. Gotta drive more aggressive then I do when I visit NYC.”

The true story behind the incident will remain forever unknown, though.

Google has a strict privacy policy which means all people photographed on Street View have the right to remain anonymous.

Along with blurring all faces it detected, Google also blurs car number plates too.

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