Richard Madeley reveals holiday packing blunder on GMB

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Redditor, rakufman, shared their wife’s unusual technique on the reddit forum, r/mildlyinteresting. They said: “ My wife is so organised she packs zipper bags with her outfits for each day on vacation.”

The photo shared showed seven zipper bags of clothes labelled with a different day of the week. Each bag contains the woman’s outfit for that day of the holiday.

Zipper packing is a popular technique with backpackers or festival goers but this woman’s day of the week approach took it a new level.

More than 2,000 Redittors have shared their opinion on the shocking post, with people split on whether it’s a great idea or a crazy one.

One user, jeanettera, commented: “I can’t decide if that’s genius or mental.”

Several people thought it was a fantastic way to save time to enjoy a holiday without outfit planning.

A redditor said: “There’s a certain genius to the idea of putting in the effort upfront, so you don’t have to spend your holiday thinking about mundane s***.

Really take your mind off day to day b****t and just focus on enjoying yourself.”

Another redditor, Minniesworld, said: “My mother did that when we went on vacations. She’d pack shirt, shorts, socks and underwear into ziploc bags with our initials on it and deal one out to each kid every day. I thought it was genius.”

However some thought the packing technique was “crazy” and wouldn’t last once she arrived on holiday.

IMovedYourCheese said: “I can guarantee this lasts one day into the holiday.

“Then she goes ‘it’s sunny out, I should wear that nice top from the Friday bag’, then ‘oh we’re going to a nicer restaurant than expected, this outfit I packed won’t do’ and soon the entire thing goes for a toss.”

Equilibrator commented: “What happens if one day you don’t feel like going out and want to recharge, or the weather changes?”

Others thought it would be a great idea to manage children’s packing but could never work for adults.

A relatable post from redditor, Quizzzle, said: “Where’s the bag for ‘I’ve never worn these in the three years I’ve owned it, but I might feel it during this vacation?’”

Another agreed saying: “Or the ‘I’m going to start a workout routine I haven’t had in years, on this week long alcohol fuelled holiday?'”

One user joked they felt “personally attacked” by the relatable posts. Villa Plus found that over 60 percent of Brits over pack for a holiday.

Women are the most likely to overpack according to the research with over 67 percent saying they packed too much.

The most common item women over packed was shoes with almost 40 percent saying they took too many pairs.

Packing problems could become a common challenge for Brits who have become used to driving on a staycation with no restrictions.

Almost three million Britons also take ‘home comforts’ with them on holiday, the most common food items being teabags.

The younger the traveller, the more likely they are to overpack with three quarters of 18-24 year olds admitting to taking too much on holiday.

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