Former racing champion Jenson Button talks about his travels

Former racing driver Jenson Button talks about his travels, from his love of driving in California to his favourite hotel

Jenson Button checks into our travel Q&A

This week, former F1 champion Jenson Button checks in to our travel Q&A.

He reveals his top driving spots, his wackiest road trip, and more… 

Where was your last trip?

I just got back from Napa celebrating my wife’s birthday, which was epic. We had great food and wine in the beautiful sunshine. It couldn’t have been any better. Prior to that I was in London for the launch of my whisky brand, Coachbuilt.

What’s your first travel memory?

Family holidays in Majorca. I used to love them.

Jenson’s earliest travel memories are of family holidays in Majorca, he reveals. Above is a fountain in the Majorcan capital of Palma

Your most memorable trip?

That would be Rubens’s plane ride. I flew on Brazilian racing driver Rubens Barrichello’s private plane back to the UK from Brazil when I won the World Championship.

Where is your top driving spot?

There are so many places I love to drive but The Canyons, by the Pacific Coast Highway as you go past Big Sur, are unbeatable.

What’s been your wackiest road trip?

Driving down to compete in the Baja 1000, which is an annual Mexican off-road motorsport race. The border crossings are fabulous to drive through, if not a little bit scary.

Jenson reveals that Cabo, Mexico (pictured), is home to his favourite hotel

Ever had a packing disaster?

Yes, when I won the Monaco Grand Prix in 2009, and I didn’t have a tux for the winners’ dinner at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. So I was scrambling around, trying to borrow parts from different people as nobody was my size in everything.

Favourite hotel?

The Montage Hotel in Cabo, Mexico, only a two-and half-hour journey from where I live in Los Angeles.

  • F1 racing driver Jenson Button and whisky expert George Koutsakis have collaborated on a blended Scotch called Coachbuilt (

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