Former model Jodie Kidd talks about skinny-dipping in the Maldives

Former model and pub owner Jodie Kidd talks about skinny-dipping in the Maldives, a big night out with Jeremy Clarkson in New York and crash-landing in a light aircraft in Martinique

Jodie Kidd checks into our travel Q&A

This week former model and pub owner Jodie Kidd checks into our travel Q&A.

She talks about her favourite country, her most memorable night out abroad – and more.

Earliest holiday memory?

Barbados as a child. I first went when I was six months old and remember the noise — the crickets and the frogs that start up as soon as the sun goes down. You hear them and you know you’re in the Caribbean.

Wickedest thing you’ve done when abroad?

Skinny-dipping in the Maldives. It was a trip to celebrate the opening of a resort. We were wined and dined; I just threw off my clothes. I’d drunk too many tequila shots and inhibition went out the window.

What item do you never travel without?

A trouser and jumper set by English company Brodie Cashmere. It’s great for long plane and car journeys — I wrap myself in my cashmere cocoon and off I go.

Favourite country?

Botswana — because of the people and the conservation efforts. I went there for my first safari. We stayed at the Belmond Eagle Island Lodge and Savute Elephant Lodge.

Worst place you’ve spent the night?

A camp on Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s a miserable place to be. You’re trying to eat, you’ve got altitude sickness and your heart is beating out of your chest, even when lying down.

Scariest travel-related moment?

We were flying to the island of Martinique on a small propeller plane and crash landed. The undercarriage broke off and we skidded off the runway. Thankfully, everyone was OK.

Jodie said her most memorable night out abroad was in New York with Jeremy Clarkson 

Last holiday?

Saint-Emilion in France. We rented a car and drove around the vineyards. Our holiday in Barbados was cancelled — we go every year. We were seconds from getting on the flight but had to cancel.

Most memorable night out abroad?

New York City with Jeremy Clarkson. We hit the town hard. We had fun — flew out on the last ever Concorde flight.

  • Jodie Kidd is teaming up with Tyrrells English Crisps to support British pubs following the Covid-19 crisis.

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