Flight attendant’s hotel tip – ‘check under the bed and behind the curtains’

When travelling we all want to feel safe, clean and happy in our hotel rooms – and flight attendants hop from place to place more often than most.

So, it makes sense that cabin crew would have figured out the best tips for staying in hotels – and several airline workers have offered up their advice on social media.

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Previously, Kat Kamalani, from Salt Lake City in Utah, US, went viral on TikTok after explaining her hotel room routine.

The 30-year-old frequent flier took viewers on a tour of a hotel room – and said that she examines the room to make sure it’s clean and safe.

In the clip, Kat said: "Never say your room number out loud just in case there is anyone around and you don't want them knowing where you are staying."

Next, she enters the room and proceeds to do a quick sweep around.

"Check if there's anyone in your room – behind the curtains, under the bed," she advised.

Kat also said you ought to examine the corner of the mattress for bed bugs unless you want to be nibbled in the night – and potentially get your own belongings contaminated with eggs.

Kat then throws all the decorative cushions and top covers off the bed, claiming: "They never wash those".

She also noted that you should keep your suitcase on the rack, not the bed, to avoid getting airport germs all over your bedding.

And, Kat’s not the only flight attendant to offer advice online as cabin crew gathered on Reddit to share tips.

One person wrote: “A door stop from the 99p store will keep any potential intruders out…

"I also keep the bathroom light on and the door ajar at night if the room doesn’t have a night light to avoid the possibility of unwanted trip or fall.”

While another suggested: “I have an add a lock for my hotel door.

“I also leave a note in my room when I’m going on long runs on layovers of what time I left and what i'm wearing.

“Most of the time I just try to get back before it's dark and try to stay in crowded places.”

What’s your favourite top tip? Tell us in the comments…


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