Flight attendants ‘hate’ passengers with annoying habits in-flight

Many of us will be hopping on-board a flight this summer to head on holiday, but it’s important to remember to be polite while on the plane.

Being cramped into a seat with expensive food options isn’t fun, but working flight attendants have seen some terrible behaviour.

You may think that you’re being courteous to the cabin crew, but it seems they have some real passenger bug bears.

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And, some of the bad behaviour may shock you!

Flight attendants on Reddit revealed the things they most hate passengers doing when they’re working on a plane.

Check them out below…


A pal of an air hostess said: “My friend (who's a flight attendant) always talks about how weird it is when passengers try to flirt with her.

“A little bit is okay, but getting to the point of asking for her number and/or a date is just obnoxious.”

While a crew member added: “I agree with your friend! I was always creeped out when passengers would flirt with me and would do my best to shut it down quickly and politely.

“We're being paid to be friendly and professional, we smile at you because it's our job, not because we want you to flirt with us.”

Litter bugs

“I think the biggest thing is to throw your own trash away,” a former flight attendant wrote. “We walk through the aisle with trash bags, there's often a big trash bin on your way out and, if not, a trash can right inside the terminal.

“The seat-back pocket is not a trash receptacle.

“We typically have very little time between flights to tidy up and perform a checklist of tasks and finding unpleasant surprised tucked in those seat-back pockets is not fun…”

Towel no-nos

A family member commented: “When my mom worked for united a couple years ago, they would give out ‘Fresh Lemon Towels’ to the passengers.

“Some of the women would use these towels to clean their ‘parts’… My mom had to pick these up at the end of the flight and said she would use the food tongs to pick them up then wash them.”

Indecisive passengers

Another air hostess’s child said: “My mom is a flight attendant and her pet peeve is when people are completely flabbergasted or unprepared when they come by and ask for your drink choice.

“It's not like the cart wasn't slowly coming down the aisle towards you.”

Tray loaders

The husband of an attendant noted: “My wife is a flight attendant. Her biggest grievance is when people mess up their trays after eating.

“Just put everything back the way it was, the tray is meant to go back into the trolly as is.

“If you add a bunch of personal garbage to it or try to hand her the garbage separate from the tray it makes her job harder.”

Ignoring the demonstration

Several flight attendants were annoyed when people didn’t take note of the safety demonstration.

One woman said: “If you're in the front with me while I'm demonstrating or in the back with me while I'm speaking the safety demo, please be quiet and courteous.

“Especially when I'm in the back and you're having a loud conversation and talking over me, it is distracting.”

While another added: “Former Flight Attendant here.

“It used to bug me when people didn't pay attention during the safety demo.

“I used to watch to see who was watching and who wasn't, because if shit got real, I'd have an idea of who I could count on to help themselves and who would need extra guidance.”

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One cabin crew member noted: “If I am walking briskly through the cabin, or have a pen and paper in my hand and am counting, please don't stop and ask me to grab you a blanket or ask me if you're going to make your connection.

“Chances are, if I look like I'm busy, I probably am, and my job can be very time sensitive sometimes.”

Do you do any of these irritating things? Tell us in the comments…


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