Travel pillow hack that can get you 6kg of extra luggage for free goes viral

A travel hack has gone viral after a travel content creator used it to sneak extra luggage onto a plane.

TikTok user Travel with Ivon posted a clip showing her stuffing an empty pillow case with clothes.

Passengers are usually allowed to bring a pillow on-board without any extra charge for cabin baggage.

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This means that you can use precious suitcase space for other personal items and use the clothes-filled pillow case to get some sleep.

She simply captioned the video: “Airport pillow hack”.

And, the video went viral with over 195,000 views.

And, in another video, TikTok user Larissa,, tried the trick herself, reports

“We tried the airport pillow hack,” she said while walking through the airport terminal. “And we SUCCEEDED.”

Larissa said she managed to save the equivalent of £67 in baggage fees with the hack.

In the comments, people went wild for the sneaky hack which got Larissa an extra 6kg of luggage on board.

She added: “I didn’t put any metal things inside..only soft cloths bcs it will run trough the scan.”

One commenter said: “That’s mad genius.”

Another noted: “They are looking trough a x-ray. They know what yall have in those pillow’s. They just don’t tell it because its just clothing. And nothing bad.”

But one woman said: “The day they see this pillow hack. It's over.”

To which another replied: “Hun they know, security doesn’t care – they don’t know how much luggage you paid for and airlines don’t see what’s inside your pillowcase unless you tell.”

However, one person noted: “Nah I’d rather pay the extra weight and save myself the embarrassment if caught.”

Would you try this hack? Tell us in the comments…


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