Flight attendant suggests bringing a washcloth to your hotel room

Taking the appropriate measures to stay safe abroad is paramount, particularly when travelling alone.

A flight attendant turned TikTok creator shared her important personal security tip for hotel goers.

Flight attendant Cici, who goes by @cici.inthesky, told travellers they should always bring a washcloth with them when staying in hotels.

In a video entitled Advice from Flight Crew – Hotel Safety Tips, Cici explained that she places a washcloth over the door lock in her hotel room.

This technique can work for many different types of lock, as washcloths can be slotted through the gap in some locks and over the top in others.

@cici.inthesky If you want to hear the stories of what has happened to be in hotel rooms that makes me so cautious, comment SECURITY and ill tell you all about it. #hotelroom #hotelsecurity #hotelsecurityhacks #flightattendanttips @flightattendantbaelee ♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box – takaya

In a second video entitled Hotel Security Tips from a Flight Attendant, she explained it’s a great way to prevent people breaking into your hotel room.

This video has amassed a huge 105,000 likes and 13,200 saves for travellers who want to keep safe, plus hundreds of comments sharing more safety tips.

Fellow travel enthusiast @mccallzone said: “I do this but I wet the towel first to give it a little more ‘umph’ so it won’t fall off if someone starts jimmying the lock.”

TikTok user Creative Name Cosplay advised: “I’d add a hair tie around it so it doesn’t fall off!”

Another travel lover who goes by Professional Time Traveller commented: “I put hangers on the lock. That way it’s safe, but also noisier so I can hear any attempts of entry.”

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@cici.inthesky Replying to @Yo mama #greenscreenvideo thank you to @clintemerson for his explanation #travelsecurity #flightattendanttips #flightattendantstories #hotelsafety #hotelsafetytips @ℂ������ℂ������ ������������ ������������������ ������������������ ✈️ #flightcrew #travelsafetytips #solotravel #solotravelertips ♬ original sound – All Things Travel

@k_la10  added: “I travel alone as a woman for work. I carry a portable lock from Amazon always!”

The flight attendant’s next tip was regarding the peephole in your hotel door – “make sure that this is closed”.

If there is no cover on the peephole, Cici recommended taking some tissue paper and sticking it in these “so no one can see inside your room”.

For “extra security”, the expert recommended investing in an alarmed security wedge to put under the door. This will notify you if somebody tries to get in.

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