Flight attendant shares things crew wish you didn’t do – including poking them

Being a flight attendant can be tiring with jet lag and getting the plane ready for passengers.

So it can make things even more difficult for cabin crew when customers are being difficult and demanding.

To help encourage passengers to move away from these behaviours, flight attendant Caroline (known on Instagram as @xoblondevoyage) has shared a long list of things she and her colleagues would prefer travellers would stop doing right now to make their job a little easier.

One of the main annoying habits travellers can do, according to Caroline, is poking cabin crew for attention.

She told Insider: "When I asked coworkers what their No. 1 pet peeve was, this was it.

"I truly don't know why people think poking or grabbing someone is OK on an airplane. If you wouldn't do it in any other customer-service setting, why is the exception on the plane?"

She also encouraged passengers to stop walking around the plane without their shows on and using the bathroom right after take off.

On the latter, Caroline said: "This happens pretty much every flight.

"There's always a line of people in the back during boarding that makes the process slower.

"The line grows again the second the seatbelt sign turns off when the airplane levels off.

"Level-off is also when we are trying to get the drink cart out in the aisle to start our service. When we have a long line of people trying to use the bathroom, it's hard to get the service started."

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She said the best thing to do is to use the bathroom in the terminal before you board the flight or wait until cabin crew have finished their service.

Caroline also said many travellers ignore flight attendants at the boarding door.

"You'd be surprised how many people step on board and won't even make eye contact with us but will still try to hand us their trash on their way in without saying a word," she commented.

Asking "where are we flying over" is also a no-no, according to Caroline.

She admits flight attendants "usually have no clue" where they are in the sky.

She also says the passengers should take their headphones off when speaking to cabin crew as it can be "frustrating" if you can't hear them.

The revelations come after flight attendants also recently revealed the best way passengers can get upgraded to first class – including dressing the part.

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