Flight attendant shares passport blunder that could ruin your holiday

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Going abroad can be a stressful business, especially if you’re not used to foreign travel, but there are plenty of things you can do to make the journey less tricky.

One of those is making sure you look after your passport properly.

A flight attendant has now shared some hacks to ensure your journey runs smoothly, which include advice on this. Rosalie Edith, who has been doing the job for nine years, claims the most crucial item you can pack for your trip is a passport case, or cover.

She says you should always keep your passport in a case to safeguard it, as a damaged passport can prevent you from travelling, reports The Mirrror.

The TikTok user then says you need to put that case in a zip lock bag or a clear bag.

@rosalieedith explained: “I know it seems like a lot but a damaged passport will literally ruin your holiday.

“The case will protect the pages from getting bent, and the bag will protect it from any accidental spills from a water bottle, the rain, or in my case a really bumpy boat ride.”

Her TikTok video then shows her on a boat with friends as potentially damaging seawater comes over the side of the boat.

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She explains that, if you are just taking carry-on luggage, you need a clear bag anyway, but an additional clear bag will help you to easily find what you need.

If you decide to take checked-in luggage, Rosalie recommends taking some of your favourite items in your carry-on, just in case your suitcase goes missing in transit.

She also recommends carry-on luggage should contain spare underwear, a swimming costume, and a favourite outfit with a spare pair of shoes.

It comes as a flight attendant shared the thing you absolutely should not do when using the plane’s toilet.

Tommy Cimato, who has 16 years of cabin crew experience, has stressed just how unhygienic the plane’s toilet flush button is.

He warned passengers to avoid touching it at all costs.

He insisted that you should always flush, but never, under any circumstances, press the button with your bare hand.

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