Flight attendant shares hotel room tip to stay safe on holiday- ‘replace your room key’

Martin Lewis issues advice on travel and refunds

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As many Britons jet off on holiday for the first time since the pandemic, many may not have stayed in a hotel for a while. A former flight attendant has shared some useful tips for check-in.

Tiktok user (anjas.adventures) shared a video on TikTok with hotel tips they learnt from being cabin crew.

They said: “Never open your door without looking through the spy hole, it could be anyone!”

While hotels often have good security, it could be possible for people to enter the hotel if they aren’t staying there.

Other guests will also be able to walk around hotel hallways freely. While most people would never try to enter someone else’s room, it’s always a good idea to be safe.

Nearly all hotel rooms will have a spy hole in the door where guests will be able to check who is outside.

It’s a good idea to check the spy hole before opening the door to a stranger while on holiday.

They added: “Replace your room key with a spare card to keep on the air con and your things charging!”

Most hotel rooms will be operated with a key card which is kept in a slot by the door. This often controls the energy in the room such as lights.

The flight attendant said that replacing the room key with another card might keep appliances on while guests are out.

However, this may not work for every hotel and guests should also make sure they don’t forget their keycard if it isn’t in the slot.

It’s also a good idea to turn the air conditioner off if guests are heading out to preserve energy.

The flight attendant added: “Put something in the safe you won’t be able to leave your room without so you won’t forget about the rest of your stuff in there.”

The hotel room safe is the perfect place to store expensive belongings or important documents such as passports.

However, in the rush to pack after a holiday it can be easy to forget important belongings in the safe.

Hotels will be able to post items to guests if they leave them behind but it will be an unnecessary hassle for guests.

The flight attendant suggested guests keep an essential item they won’t be able to leave without in the safe.

If guests leave a shoe or phone charger in the safe while they’re in the room, they might not forget other items in the safe.

However, Hotels & Discounts, has recommended guests leave important items outside of the hotel safe.

It could be the most obvious place for a thief to search. The travel site recommended that guests hide items in a “hairbrush handle” or “lip balm”.

Guests should also take as few valuables as possible if they want to avoid losing an important item.

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