Flight attendant says there’s more to their crew uniform than passengers see

Whenever we head to the airport to catch a flight we’re all excited for a comfortable clothes to fly. Part of walking through the terminal is seeing the flight attendants strutting towards the boarding gates.

While most of us wear comfortable clothes to fly, the airline workers are all dressed up in their uniforms. The lipstick, high heels and smart pencil skirts or trousers are all part and parcel of an airline’s image.

In fact, cabin crew members have previously said that they were attracted to the job because of the flight attendants’ charm. While it’s not all about looking good they sure are impressive – especially at 3am!

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Now, an Emirates cabin crew member has revealed there’s a lot more to their uniform than you may realise – not to mention secret items you would not even notice as a passenger!

Not only must they wear their hat and scarf, but also crew pyjamas and even a watch.

In a video posted on Instagram, Danielle, from Cheshire, @danudboyy, showed off the various elements. She titled the clip: "Facts about the Emirates uniform you probably didn’t know."

Firstly she said: "The uniform is beige to represent the sand dunes and landscape in the UAE." Makes sense as Emirates is a United Arab Emirates airline.

Daniella added: "The uniform is waterproof". She demonstrated this by pouring water on her clothing.

The secrets to the outfit don’t end there though. The flight attendant noted: "The scarf has seven pleats to represent the seven Emirates in the UAE."

Due to the airline’s base, Danielle added that the name badges are written in both Arabic and English. But, the uniform doesn’t stop at the parts we all recognise.

Danielle added: "It is compulsory to wear a watch." Plus, she showed a video of the official Emirates oven gloves.

Yes, they each have their own oven gloves to take on board. Danielle added: "Oven gloves must be carried in our cabin bags at all times. They are used when operating the galley position."

The gloves are a lurid green and blue and protect their hands from the hot meal trays when they’re using the on-board heaters. They packed away into a black and gold bag.

Plus, it seems when the Emirates crew go to bed on-board they can change into comfy uniform pyjamas. Danielle added: "We must wear our company issued PJs during our crew rest on long haul flights."

The pyjamas are red, beige and brown and say "crew" on the back of the top. This is likely so that during an emergency, passengers can identify an airline worker even if they’ve been sleeping.

Finally, the flight attendant showed off her uniform luggage. This included a large black suitcase, a black cabin suitcase and a red handbag.

Danielle noted that the small red handbag was only issued to "female crew". It is part of their airport "uniform". Fascinating stuff!

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