Woman forces boyfriend to buy new shirt as she uses his to protect £223 luggage

A woman has had social media users in uproar after she used her boyfriend’s shirt to protect her expensive suitcase. The passenger – Jen – had spent $200 on the new bag, but people thought she was being dramatic.

Jen was flying home to San Diego in California from a holiday in Mexico last month, but reports claim that AeroMexico told her she would have to check in her new bag. The BEIS travel luggage would need to go in the hold due to a lack of room in the overhead cabins.

However, Jen was so worried that the brand new case would be damaged that she made her partner hand over his top so she could wrap it around the bag. On TikTok, @sagijen, showed the luggage wearing the t-shirt as an outer protective layer.

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Jen’s video went viral with over 26,000 likes as she said: "When you’re forced to check in your new BEIS carry-on and you decide your boyfriend can buy a new shirt.” However, the clip sparked a debate in the comments.

Some thought Jen was being over the top and even questioned why she had bought luggage that she "can’t really use". But, others dubbed the idea "genius" and a great way to protect her expensive bag.

A BEIS carry-on bag in the UK can cost anywhere from £170 to £285 depending on the colour. Jen’s pale beige version appears on the BEIS website at £223 currently.

"Why buy a bag that you’re afraid to send through the airport," commented one confused poster. While another added: "Y’all act like suitcase aren’t meant to be used and abused… suitcase covers are the dumbest thing ever."

A third noted: "This is so funny but at the same time those bags are so expensive I’d expect using it as intended wouldn’t damage it."

However, other people with pricey bags thought she was in the right. One person said: "The first time I decided to use mine, [the airline] threw like it was garbage and now it’s dirty and dented."

"My berry one just got ruined after my Italy trip," another added. While a third suggested: "You can ask them to wrap it for you when you’re checking in!"

If you're worried about expensive luggage being damaged it's best to buy priority boarding or make sure you get to the gate early. That way you're less likely to have your bag gate checked due to full overhead lockers.

Alternatively, for checked baggage, most airports – at least in the UK – have a plastic wrapping machine. For a few quid, the machine will wrap your luggage in heavy duty cling film that should protect the outer cover.

However, be aware that if the security or luggage carriers need to check inside your bags they may cut away the plastic wrapping on the outside to access the contents of the suitcase.

if you are planning to check your luggage anyway there are some tricks to making it be the first bag offloaded from the plane. Meaning you can get away from the airport and on to your holiday faster.

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