Flight attendant says she always packs three foods for a flight

A flight attendant has revealed the three foods you should always try and pack for a flight – and revealed that snacks can taste different when you're mid-flight.

While plane meals aren't always the most delicious, it’s nice to have something to do at 35,000ft. Unfortunately, due to the cabin pressure we can’t taste everything as well in the air as we can on the ground. That’s why your pasta dish or curry isn’t quite so flavourful.

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Luckily, cabin crew member Kat Kamalani has offered some useful tips as she revealed her top in-flight foods on TikTok. She said that she always brings an insulated bag with ice packs on the plane.

She added: "First up, I always make sure I bring veggies and a piece of fruit. Next, I always have to have something that curbs my sweet tooth when travelling. I love these SkinnyDipped travel packs, and I love that they're full of clean ingredients.

"I love to travel with protein items like these protein balls. I also never leave the house without my protein waffles, because they're so fulfilling and nourishing."

She's not the only airline worker to have revealed the foods you should have on a flight.

Speaking to the Washington Post, a number of flight attendants recommended avoiding food with excess salt. Eating too much salt could add to post-flight puffiness and avoiding it can apparently help up to regulate your energy levels.

The cabin crew also suggested packing healthier snacks like vegetable sticks, dried fruit or protein bars. They added that nuts were a healthy and optimal snack, but that you should avoid taking peanuts onto a plane as many people have airborne allergies.

Flight attendant Michael Rice suggested packing a banana. He said that lots of cabin crew members bring a banana on board with them – the fruit is full of potassium and other vital vitamins.

Other frequest flyers recently noted that the best drinks to have on a flight are ginger ale or tomato juice. This is because the flavour of the ginger ale becomes less sweet and more sharp and delicious under cabin pressure.

Meanwhile, the acid and umami flavours of the tomato juice stand out making it an ideal – and healthy – choice on the plane.

As for why food tastes different during a flight?

One cabin crew member who shared flight secrets passengers won't know explained: "Most of us aren't aware of this, but when we are at cruise, the air pressure in an airliner is equal to about 8,000 feet above sea level.

"In addition to making your ears pop, it causes our taste buds and sense of smell to go partially numb, compared to on ground. Because of this phenomenon, airline catering adds lots of salt, spices, and fat to make food taste less bland."

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