Flight attendant says if you travel First Class all the staff know who you are

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A former flight attendant with years of experience under her belt has spilled some "secrets" about the First Class experience.

Kat Kamalani, who decided to leave the job during the pandemic, previously revealed flight crew usually dislike working in the First Class section of the plane.

According to the married mum-of-two, flight attendants rarely volunteer for the role even though it usually comes with extra pay.

In one post, Kat revealed more about working in First Class and the level of detail that goes into making it a cushy experience.

First of all, she claims flight attendants actually have a meeting before departure about who their special guests will be.

She says: "Before every single flight we have something that's called a briefing and in that briefing we're given a sheet of any government official, celebrities, any 'million milers' or diamonds.

"It also gives us anything that deals with allergies or disabilities."

'Million Milers' and 'Diamonds' are special status passengers who have achieved among the highest number of air miles with Delta Airlines.

Kat adds: "If it's a longer flight there is going to be a meal prepared and it's going to be put on the flight for us.

"Side note, if you have a dietary restriction or allergy make sure you put that [on your booking] before because we don't have a full working kitchen.

"If you made a special request beforehand, we will deliver that first, and depending on the flight number, we will take everyone's order from back to front or front to back and distribute the food.

"Most of the time, the person who is working First Class is the flight leader and they call the shots – after the pilots of course."

The video was watched more than 37,000 times since Kat uploaded it on her @katkamalani TikTok.

One viewer said: "Oh wow this is cool."

A second viewer asked: "So if we all pay the same price for First Class, what difference does it make if I’m a celebrity or gov official or not?"

Kat frequently makes videos about her time as an air hostess and has explained why putting your seat up and tray down when you are told can be a "life and death" situation.

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