Flight attendant explains importance of windows being up for take off

We all know that when you board a flight the cabin crew will come round before take off and make sure that the window blinds are all up.

And, you may think you know why that is – various theories bandied around include that it keeps the pressure in the plane stable or that it’s so the crew can see the wings.

But, if you’re anything like us, you’ve never actually asked a flight attendant why they have such a rule even if you’re curious.

You just go with the flow and make sure that little grey blind is up at the top of the window for take off and landing.

Luckily, for interested Brits, a flight attendant answered the age old question on a Reddit thread about “flight secrets”.

One person asked on the social media site: “Airline workers of Reddit: What are some secrets that airlines don't want the rest of us to know?”

And, in the replies, a cabin crew worker said: “Windows have to be up during take off and landing so emergency personnel can see into the aircraft if it crashes.”

Someone else asked: “I've always heard that the reason that cabin lights get dimmed during take off and landing is so that your eyes are adjusted to the amount of light outside so you can see what you're doing in the event of a crash. Is there any truth to that?”

And another handy crew member responded: “Yes.

“Also you and the crew need to be able to see outside after a crash, to open the doors only where there's no fire.”

It’s quite scary to think of, but having the windows open means emergency responders and staff can act in the safest way possible should there be an incident.

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On top of your windows being up, tray tables should also be up and stowed away for safety purposes that are somewhat more gory than you might imagine.

A flight attendant commented: “Also, the tray tables have to be stowed because a sudden stop on the runway could lead to your body lurching forward at speed, much like a car crash.

“Your body continuing forward into an unfolded plastic table could be bad news.”

To which someone replied: “Tray tables would also make it hard to get to the aisle.”

So, if you want to escape an incident on the runway safely your best option is to follow the crews’ instructions carefully!

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