Flight attendant began ‘dying of laughter’ when man trapped himself while flying

Travelling can be stressful for most of us, but one man panicked after getting his hand stuck for over an hour and letting his “intrusive thoughts” win.

Abraham De Laure is a 29-year-old social media content creator from Singapore who has recently gone viral on TikTok due to his hilarious reaction to getting his hand stuck in a cupholder while on a Singapore Airlines flight to Vietnam.

He was travelling with his friend Darshen Kuna who uploaded a video giggling while Abraham can be heard pleading for butter in order to try and losen his hand.

In the video posted online, Abraham can fanatically be heard saying: “Don’t call the flight attendant!” after he saw Darshen pressing the service button, and then the pair can be heard telling a flight attendant that Abraham has gotten his hand completely stuck.

The flight attendant can then be seen trying not to laugh as she tries to look to help Abraham free his hand and says: “Oh my God, how did you do this?!”

Abraham then asks the flight attendant for some butter and she says: “Oh my God, I don’t think I have any butter” which causes Darshen to begin laughing even harder.

Abraham then spends a good deal of time on the flight pulling at his hand and “giving all his strength to get his hand out” according to Darshen.

In a second video, Darshan can be heard saying “You’re so screwed, how on Earth did you get your hand stuck in a cup holder?”

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However, after about an hour with his hand stuck, Abraham was finally able to pull his hand free, although it appeared to be very red, sore and bruised after the ordeal.

In the video comment section, Abraham commented and said: “To the whole crew on that flight…I deeply apologise.”

However, many people have found Abraham’s accidental hand-trapping hilarious, as one person wrote: “He let his intrusive thoughts win.”

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@kdarshen Indeed a great way to fly #singaporeairlines #flysq #agreatwaytofly #bestie ♬ bunyi asal- haa

Someone else pointed out: “Bro he had butter on his tray that whole time and never noticed in his panic.”

Another user wrote: “Legnedsay he’s stuck on that plane and flying everywhere.”

One commentator said: “Even the flight attendant was dying of laughter, hope he learned his lesson not to stick his hand where it doesn’t belong!”

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