Faroe Islands: 13 reasons to visit the impossibly beautiful seascapes

As Iceland begins to look like a victim of its own appeal to tourists, there’s another set of islands in the wild north Atlantic which are so remote they need never fear this tourism invasion. The Faroe Islands are relatively undiscovered, though no less spectacular.

The collection of 18 dramatic volcanic islands have already established themselves as a rising destination for 2019.

The seemingly impossible coastlines, grass topped houses and puffins make the archipelago an attractive prospect for a remote Nordic escape.

Lítla Dímun: population 0

Another great appeal of the Faroe Islands, aside from their remoteness, is just how few people there are. With a population of around 50,000 – about that of Napier – spread over 1400 km square you’ll practically have the place to yourself. If you don’t count the puffins.

Some islands like Lítla Dímun have no permanent residents at all.

Northern delights

While the landscape has the appearance of a fantasy saga, the utterance “winter is coming” is more likely met with joy than fear.

Dusted in snow, the islands attain an even more magical appearance. What’s more in the winter months between September to March, skies present the perfect condition for sighting the elusive Aurora Borealis or Northern lights.

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