Expats slam the UK as they say Britain’s healthcare is ‘pretty bad’

Many Britons choose to move abroad as expats with Spain, France, the USA and Australia some of the most popular choices.

However, the UK is an attractive choice for many foreign expats with people from all over the world moving to Britain for work.

New research from the team at InterNations has ranked the UK in the bottom 10 of expat destinations worldwide.

The team asked expats around the globe to rank their home based on key factors including affordability, housing and healthcare.

Expats weren’t impressed with the state of the UK economy, with over two in half saying they were unhappy about it.

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Expats found housing a major issue in the UK and two out of five said they struggled to find somewhere to live.

Data released by the BBC found that 20 people are competing for each UK rental property on average. Rental prices are also rising at the fastest rate in eight years.

Over half of expats said they found housing in the UK unaffordable, which was much higher than the global average.

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Almost 40 percent of the expats surveyed said their household income wasn’t enough to live comfortably in the UK.

Expats also criticised the availability of healthcare in the UK and one in three said they didn’t have access to the services they needed.

An expat from Germany said: “The healthcare situation is pretty bad. For example, it is difficult to get an appointment with a specialist.”

The UK also performed badly when it came to personal safety, coming in the bottom 10 of the countries surveyed.

While expats were mostly unimpressed with the UK, over 60 percent found it easy to adapt to the local culture.

Despite the UK’s low position in the rankings, it wasn’t the worst destination in the world or even in Europe.

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