Expat claims ‘quality of life in Spain is far superior’ despite low wages

TikToker ‘tomcharliedesign’ who lives in Spain, said that the “quality of life in Spain” is far superior to the rest of the world.

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for UK expats with many people flocking to the coast for better weather.

Tom said he had lived in Australia, England and the Netherlands but preferred the lifestyle in Spain.

He said: “In Spain, yes you get paid less. But that really doesn’t have as much of an effect on your quality of life as you’d think.

“In fact I’d go as far as to say that I’d rather be making £30,000 a year living in Spain than earning £100,000 living in the UK or the USA.”

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The expat said there were a “couple of reasons” why earning less in Spain was preferable to living anywhere else.

He said there were so many activities to do in Spain without needing to spend any money and showed footage of him on a hike.

He added that cities are planned with people in mind and residents are able to live out in the streets “in plazas and parks”.

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The TikToker added: “There’s something very wholesome about seeing two abuelas (grandmas) chatting on a bench on a Sunday afternoon catching up on the weekly gossip.”

He said the second reason was that living in Spain made him feel as though he “had more hours in the day”.

The expat said that people in Spain meet up after work or work out and don’t just go home to do the “box set death march”.

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He added that the “weather helps” people to spend more time outside than in northern European countries.

Spain’s cities are generally more pedestrianised than in the UK and the weather means that people can enjoy outdoor venues for a greater portion of the year.

The expat said he would always choose to have more free time that he was able to enjoy than a higher wage.

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