Europe’s most visited city by tourists – full list

Where was the busiest tourist destination in Europe? 

Despite delayed flights and travel chaos, the tourism industry is booming. In 2022, British tourists went abroad over 70 million times.

There’s no sign of a slowdown with TUI reporting a nine percent rise in the demand for autumn cruises.

But where is everyone going?

Statista research has revealed Europe’s most visited tourist destinations and the winning city “lives up to its hype”.

Looking to avoid the crowds? Check out one of Europe’s least visited countries with its own ski resort instead.

5: Valencia

The coastal Spanish city, Valencia, took fifth place on the list. It boasts an award winning aquarium, pretty Old Town and access to golden sand beaches. 

While it’s fast becoming one of Spain’s leading holiday destinations, it wasn’t the country’s most visited city. 

4: Barcelona

One of Europe’s most popular city break destinations, Barcelona took fourth place on the list. The city’s combination of beaches and sights such as La Sagrada Familia attract millions of tourists every year. 

However, tourists might find some of the top attractions far too crowded. The city is also trying to reduce the number of visitors. Cruise tourists will now have to pay more to drink onboard under new rules while ships will soon be banned from the city’s northern ports.

3: Istanbul

Istanbul, one of Turkey’s most exciting destinations, was the continent’s third most visited city. The city’s Grand Bazaar and Blue Mosque are two of its most popular attractions. 

Istanbul is generally bustling all year round but March to May and September to November are some of the best times to visit. The city is still busy with events but there are fewer tourists than during the summer. 

2: London

London was Europe’s second most visited destination. Top sights include the Tower of London, the British Museum and National Gallery. 

Britons looking to escape the crowds might want to give Buckingham Palace a miss as it was recently named England’s busiest attraction. Why not check out one of London’s hidden gems instead? 

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