Drivers may face bank holiday road delays during Jubilee adding to travel chaos

Brits trying to get away for the Platinum Jubilee may find their plans disrupted by extreme traffic over the bank holiday.

While airport chaos caused by delays and cancelled flights had ruined many trips the traffic over the weekend may throw a spanner in people’s plans too.

A massive 19million drivers are expected to hit the road over the platinum jubilee, reports data from the AA.

Traffic expert for TomTom Andy Marchant warned that Brits could face “high levels of congestion” during the Queen’s celebration.

And, City of London police explained there would be road closures around the capital city from Thursday morning until Friday afternoon.

This is because the royal family will attend a service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

And, Jubilee street parties will also mean that lots of side streets and roads are closed on Sunday.

This may mean that drivers are disrupted throughout the weekend.

And, the congestion will only add to the pandemonium seen at UK airports.

Leeds Bradford airport saw queues stretching for “miles” out of the site this morning while hundreds of flights across the country have been cancelled over the next month.

Some airlines have stated that IT issues and staff shortages are behind the flight cancellations.

One woman was stranded in Crete with her baby and “no food” after her flight was suddenly cancelled.

She was unable to secure another flight for two days after her initial take off was scheduled.

And, a family worried they’d lose their £4,000 holiday after the booking was cancelled while they waited at the departure gate.

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