Crazy NZ mistake on covid-19 vax map

A map showing the rates of Covid-19 vaccination around the world has included New Zealand – there’s just one issue.

Kiwis on Twitter are sharing the map, showing the North and South Islands separated by a gap almost as wide as the length of Australia, instead of our relatively narrow Cook Strait.

The map was reportedly published in the Daily Telegraph in the UK, in an article on covid vaccination rates around the world.

“The Cook Strait got bigger,” the original tweet about the map, by Catarina Gutierrez, read.

The Cook Strait got bigger. Via

Several New Zealanders shared the tweet, pointing out at least New Zealand is on this map, which makes a change from the usual trend of being completely left out of world maps.

“Putting the ‘cruise’ in cruising on the Interislander,” one person commented.

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Views of the South Island in New Zealand. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

“Now we know why those sea snakes have been washing ashore up north,” another Kiwi Twitter user said.

“BRB South Island, just going somewhere warm. Love, North Island,” another person posted.

New Zealanders on Twitter joked that the ferry trip would be “choppy as”.

“Larger sick bags will be required on the Interislander and Bluebridge ferries,” another person added.

The map on the Telegraph site appears to have since been fixed, and the North and South Islands are now closer together.

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Then this is the North Island in New Zealand. Picture: iStockSource:istock

This is not the first time New Zealand has been misplaced on a published world map.

While leaving the country out of the world map altogether appears to be more common, Aotearoa often pops up in random places. Other times, it gets misidentified as a different country altogether.

A new Twitter account, “Where’s New Zealand”, sparked by the latest Telegraph map, has collated some examples of New Zealand’s random map placements.

This story originally appeared on the NZ Herald and is reproduced here with permission

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