Couple use 2p flight hack to stop plane seat being filled with rubbish

Getting ready to fly away on a long flight can be incredibly exciting, but there are parts of the journey that are irritating.

One such problem that often occurs when you’re sitting on a plane for hours is an accumulation of rubbish.

Whether it’s snack packaging, disposable coffee cups, napkins for the kids or even toy packaging lots of bits and pieces can pile up.

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Nobody wants to sleep surrounded by mess, but the flight attendants may be run off their feet and too busy to clean up.

If you’re flying for over eight hours they might even be asleep in the hidden crew rest beds.

So, what do you do?

Well, the galley sometimes has bins available, but they could be full or locked up securely.

A couple came up with a clever travel hack that will consolidate all your rubbish and make it so your seating area is clean as a whistle.

Brian and Amanda, from the TikTok page @bdfagan, explained that they bring dog poo bags onto the flight with them.

They captioned the video: “Don’t have a dog but I take these everywhere I go.”

The couple demonstrated their “hack” showing how they simply open the bag, tie it to the tray table and then use it as a bin bag.

You can shove any small rubbish items in the bag to act as your own personal bin, that way you don’t have to worry about your area getting messy.

Brits can pick up dog poo bags super cheap from the shops too – they’re just £1 for 50 bags on Sainsbury’s which works out at a sweet 2p per use. Bargain!

Commenters dubbed the hack "super smart".

Though, another joked: "Ew but the poop residue."

Amanda and Brian laughed in response: "Always good to wash them before the next use."

We'd recommend using a clean, unused bag each time. Obviously.

What's your favourite travel hack? Tell us in the comments…


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