Cheeky couple fund bucket list trip around Africa by flogging X-rated videos

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A former waitress has quit her job and now travels the world with her boyfriend and friends – and funds it all by filming porn in the evening.

Mimi Boom, 24, from Latvia, worked to support herself from a young age, but for the last three years had been touring around Europe with partner, Dan.

At the beginning they planned to travel to a few common tourist areas – but quickly found they could afford to make a much bigger journey.

Now, the couple makes a full time income creating adult content on sites like SinParty – and they’re heading from the North of Africa in Egypt and Morocco all the way to Cape Town, South Africa.

The duo, who base themselves in Spain, started their relationship as good friends, but eventually fell for one another and decided to start shooting sexy scenes together.

Mimi told Daily Star: “We started off as good friends – we spoke a lot and just had this mutual attraction that was just pulling us closer to each other.

“We feel wild and confident about our sex life, I don't see porn as negative in any way, plus it's helped us financially too.

“He is the only person I have sex with on or off camera…

“We both enjoy it a lot. We have sex a couple of times a week, it’s a great stress relief and sleep medicine. We both are sexually experimental and we like to have a laugh during it.

“It’s a purely amazing feeling of being home. Sex is just the ingredient to make us even closer.”

And, they funding their journey with their kinky content.

Mimi told us: “At the beginning of the planning, we started small; we planned to visit Morocco or Egypt, just regular tourist places.

“As soon as we did more research about the things to see and experience there, we stumbled on solo travellers that are doing much bigger trips and they inspired us to take a long trip.

“The majority of the money is coming from adult sites like SinParty. We've also been investing money in cryptocurrencies, saving, taken some loans, and even asking family and friends for support.

“So many people, even those closest to us, are skeptical of our plan and aren't the most supportive, but that's not going to stop us!”

Now, the couple plans to film as they travel and release new content shot on location.

Mimi noted: “I've just started a new collaboration with SinParty, with exclusive porn content from our trip going on our profile every month.

“We're also going to make more outdoor videos with beautiful backgrounds on the way, with a different kind of mood.

“Our content is going to be longer and of better quality – it’s time to experiment and experience unique places with us in an intimate setting.”

However, Mimi and Dan are mindful of where they’re filming.

She explained: “We aren't going to do things in sacred places, we aren't looking to disrespect nor offend anyone.

“We are going to be carefully looking for the best private spots to keep it interesting while not getting into trouble!”

While the pair are confident in their choices – not everyone is at peace with them filming porn around the world.

Mimi commented: “I personally haven’t had ‘the talk’ with my family.

“Honestly, I’m just afraid of judgement. I’ve never been the type of person to be dependent on their parents; I understand that they have their own, bigger issues in their lives…

“I get a fair share of judgment daily. Every person views porn differently and sees porn models differently.

“Shame and stigma is the root of the hate. I don’t blame them.

“When people hear the word porn, they already associate it with degrading women, fake moans and abusive language.

“Porn doesn’t have to be aggressive – amateur porn is more relatable and realistic. I enjoy exposing true emotions when we film.”

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And, the duo’s porn content is set to fund their incredible, months-long trip – and the sex isn’t all they’re excited for.

Mimi told us: “There are a lot of things we want to see and do – Victoria Falls, dozens of sanctuaries and nature reserves to visit, as well as experiences like bungee jumping, swimming with sharks and more.

"I just want everything to go smoothly without any setbacks or major issues with the motorcycle or our health.

“60,000km is a lot, considering the fact that we're always going to be on the move and recording both travel and adult content on the way.”

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