Charming Spanish city is warm until November

We may be heading into the colder months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find somewhere relatively close to the UK that’s warm in winter – and cheap too. Introducing, Cadiz. 

Sitting on the Southern tip of Andalucia, not only has it been ranked the ninth cheapest European city in a city break cost index, it stays warm right up into November.

Recent research conducted by Bounce, the luggage storage experts, which has measured the price of rooms and food and drink in European cities, has placed the pretty Spanish city of Cadiz at number nine for value for money.

They found a beer costs just £2.55 and a bottle of wine £3.70 in the city.

The average price of a hotel room is reasonable too, at £103 per night per person – even cheaper if two of you are sharing. The cheapest place in Europe, however, is Timisoara in Romania where beer is even cheaper at £1.60.

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Cadiz is an utterly charming city with incredible architecture and plazas adorned with elaborate fountains.

You can easily stroll through its history too, so don’t miss the Teatro Romano, a huge Roman amphitheater. The Torra Tavira, an old watchtower dates back to the 18th century and the grandiose Cadiz Neo-classical Cathedral is stunning.

The city is also handily-located, right next to La Caleta Beach. It featured in James Bond in Die Another Day, as it was the very beach where Halle Berry strolled seductively out of the sea. 

It may be tiny, but its setting is certainly dramatic – set between two castles.

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On the north end is star-shaped Santa Catalina, Cadiz’s oldest fortress dating back to the 16th century.  

However, it’s the cathedral that really crowns the town. It took an incredible 110 years to build and from the tower you can enjoy panoramic views over the city.

The cathedral’s museum houses the table on which the Spanish Constitution was signed. 

Other notable buildings include the Hospital de Mujeres and Chapel of Nuestra Señora del Carmen featuring various works including a painting by El Greco. More of the town’s past can be viewed at the Museo de Cadiz which has archeological artefacts fine art and ethnography. 

After a day exploring you will probably end up on La Caleta in La Vina, a traditional fisherman’s quarter with lovely palm-tree lined, cobbled streets whose lovely tapas bars and restaurants attract the crowds. 

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