Travel companies 'furious' over new restrictions says Calder

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casaSALVIA is a four bedroom B&B in beautiful Tenerife and is the first dry accommodation to be run by and created for those in recovery. James and his partner Tony are hoping to create a restorative holiday for those on the way to recovery. 

James told “I realised that my relationship with alcohol had turned toxic and that I needed help back in June 2020.

“Entering rehab was the best thing that ever happened to me, and the treatment has changed my life completely.

“Speaking based on my own personal experience, and on those of the other addicts in recovery that I have met on my journey through sobriety, taking a holiday is one of the major causes of anxiety post-rehab.

“Holidays are hugely triggering – for me my drinking would begin the moment I set foot in the airport, as bars in the departures lounge are open around the clock, and there is a proliferation of free alcohol in the lounges.

“Then there’s the airline’s trolly service to navigate, and that’s before you’ve even arrived on your holiday and settled into the hotel bar.

“Temptation is everywhere and we must learn how to holiday again from scratch; how to find joy in travelling without the usual crutch and ‘false fuel’ of drugs or alcohol.”

James wants to show those recovering from addiction that an alcohol free holiday can be “incredible”.

He said: “I created dryHolidays to help those in recovery navigate the first few trips abroad in a safe, supportive and nurturing way.” Tony and James want to make sure that a dry holiday is just as restorative for the families of addiction sufferers.

James said: “My alcoholism had a huge impact on my partner and our relationship, and we needed a break together to reconnect.

“Tony and I have always worked in the travel industry and travelled extensively so, following my successful rehabilitation, we wanted to get away and attended a retreat in Tenerife.

“What was interesting was that I was the only person on the retreat who brought my other half, and that was a real lightbulb moment.

“Throughout my recovery I had received plenty of support, but the resources available to help Tony were extremely limited.

“We intend for dryHOLIDAYS to fill this gap in the market, and I am passionate about creating amazing and joyful holidays for people in sobriety that support both the addict and their partner equally.”

casaSALVIA, retreats will be tailored to the group’s interests whether that’s hiking, surfing or cuisine.

The casa’s rooftop terrace offers guests 360 degree views of the Atlantic Ocean, hillside vineyards and the summit of Mount Teide.

James told “In addition to offering B&B accommodation to our guests, we also offer monthly guided retreats.

“We can tailor these to suit our guests’ interests, and over eight days we’ll showcase the most amazing hidden treasures and unmissable activities that we’ve uncovered, led by our outstanding local guide Javi.

“I am passionate about golf, and Tenerife has some excellent courses, so if guests like to play then I can show them the best spots.”

Tenerife has a special place in Tony and James’ hearts after they ‘fell in love’ with it on holiday.

James said: “Tenerife is incredibly diverse, and in addition to the incredible warm climate of the Canaries, it offers some of the most stunning scenery and a wide range of activities to enjoy.

“When we discovered the beautiful, peaceful and unspoilt mountainous north of the island, we fell in love with it.

“We started looking for our first property and stumbled across casaSALVIA, which has the most breath-taking panoramic views and it instantly felt like home.

“We want to share that sense of home, restfulness and tranquillity with our guests.”

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