Caravan couple detail ‘very basic’ campervan stove set up ‘a little more like camping’

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Campervan explorers Emma and Alex run travel blog Travel Beans, where the couple details their exploits across the world. The digital nomads have travelled through Europe, Asia, and North America.

During the second lockdown, the couple converted a van into a campervan and began travelling around the UK.

They discussed the renovation of the van with, including their cooking setup.

Emma and Alex use a cooking stove, which they can

Emma said: “We use a camping stove, mainly just so we have like the option to like cook outside if we want to. We can use it in the van.”

Alex explained: “Because we have the pop-top. So, we can put that up and open the side up too, so you can ventilate the campervan.”

He went on: “A lot people build them in, which we considered doing.

“But, then I think the draw of being able to cook outside is half the fun.”

The couple were keen to have an authentic camping experience while travelling with the van.

Emma went on: “We kept our kitchen set up very basic anyway.

“We didn’t even install a sink or water taps, because we want to be able to do it a little more like camping.

“We wanted to spend a lot of time outside because the reason we have a campervan is to spend time outside.

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“So, it’s really only when it’s raining or rubbish weather that we would be cooking or washing up inside anyway.”

Camping stoves come in various forms. Some are smaller and more portable, while others are more like a hob at home with various burners.

It is important to think about the kind of cooking you want to do before investing.

Liquid fuel stoves are the most popular, however, solid fuel stoves are becoming more popular.

It is also possible to find camping ovens, for those who prefer baking to a stovetop arrangement.

A number of fuels can be used to cook off-grid. Kerosene is common, as is propane.

Alcohol-burning stoves are good lightweight options and are becoming more popular, as are solar power stoves.

Another “must-have” camping item from the cold was a heater, which Emma detailed the couple to rely on in the autumn and winter months. 

A heater was the “star of the show” for the couple, Alex said, “because of staying warm at night.”

It’s not just keeping warm that is a must for camping in the autumn and winter months, but keep clothes dry too.

Emma said: “We have a heater in the campervan, and we just used it occasionally, mostly just to dry everything out.

“It’s good for that, getting back to the campervan with wet coats.”

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