Camping holidays: Campers unveil the best camping food for trips – ‘thing of wonder’

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Camping holidays are the top choice for many British holidaymakers. Whether tourists are staying in the UK or venturing further afield, there’s endless fun to be had.

Camping can be a real adventure and when it comes to food it can be hard to know what to pack.

Campers often have limited cooking facilities and might need to economise on space. What are the best meals for campers?

Reddit user ‘Grand_Part’ asked: “What would you recommend food wise I do for a three week camping road trip?”

One camper decided to share their favourite breakfast on a camping holiday. They said: “Breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs, bacon or ham, cheese and potatoes.”

The breakfast burrito originated in the USA and is an extremely filling way to start the day.

It’s the perfect choice for campers who are heading out on a long and busy day of activities and need to fuel up.

The burrito can be easily made on a small camping stove, making it a simple choice for families.

Another camper also shared a breakfast choice, saying: “One of the most unsung heroes of camp breakfast is toast on an open fire.

“Pre-sliced sourdough bread lightly toasted with some grill marks on it is a thing of wonder!

“It soaks up the smoke amazingly. Use real butter.”

It might be simple but toast on an open fire is a real treat for some camping enthusiasts. It’s also a fun way to get kids involved on a camping holiday.

Campers should always check the rules on fires as many campsites have regulations to prevent wildfires.

Another camper shared a quick and easy breakfast idea which could also be used for a treat at the end of the day.

They said: “Instant pancake mix, just add water along with some oil. Lightweight, high in calories and quick.”

Instant pancake mix is very light and easy to carry and takes minimal effort. A family favourite, people can get creative with toppings.

One camper had a more unusual suggestion which they said was delicious and their go to camping snack.

They said: “Poach two eggs, spread some crunchy peanut butter across some naan, sprinkle with cheese and warm in a pan until peanut butter is gooey and cheese is melted.”

While it might be unusual, the camper assured commenters that the mix of peanut butter and eggs was delicious.

Another camper said: “Preserved meats like canned beef along with canned vegetables and soups as they’re easy to prepare with a pot and pan on a simple camp stove.

“Individually wrapped small packages of things like pepperoni and summer sausage make good sandwiches with pickles.”

Preserved meats and fish are one of the best food ideas for a camping holiday as they are easy to store and very filling.

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