Brits’ top holiday lies from fake souvenirs to making up trips

Almost half of Brits have lied about the places they’ve visited on holiday, research shows, while a third have falsely said their homeware items were bought abroad.

Some of the most common fibs told by Brits wanting to seem worldly wise include having looked over Paris from the top of the Eiffel tower (28%).

While over a quarter have told someone they’ve partied the night away in the clubs of Ibiza.

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In fact, 77% of those surveyed claim they love to appear well-travelled and cultured which may account for some of these cheeky white lies.

When it comes to home décor, research by Homesense revealed that Brits admit to tricking visitors into thinking their Turkish rugs (21%), African masks (20%), tapas dishes (17%) and tagine pots (13%) are from another country.

Many admitted that such lies were created by a desire to create a worldly feel around their homes (47%).

And, 68% stated that they seek their décor inspiration from other countries.

But, it seems that in reality Brits aren’t as adventure-seeking as they present.

Over half of those surveyed (54%) stated they would rather perfect their dream home than go on a dream holiday, with 88% insisting that home is where the heart is.

Other homewares Brits falsely claim were purchased from another country include, Spanish bathroom tiles (12%), French style antiques (13%) and Chinese dumpling steamers (11%).

The top 15 travel lies told by Brits include:

  • Been to the top of the Eiffel tower (28%)
  • Hit the clubs of Ibiza (26%)
  • Walked along the canals of Amsterdam (20%)
  • Been on a gondola in Venice (18%)
  • Eaten Sushi in Tokyo (15%)
  • Visited the Hollywood sign (14%)
  • Gone wine tasing in the South of France (13%)
  • Bungee jumped in New Zealand (12%)
  • Been on safari in Africa (12%)
  • Been to the pantheon in Rome (12%)
  • Danced at a full moon party in Thailand (11%)
  • Been to the Sydney opera house (11%)
  • Visited the palace of Versailles (10%)
  • Went to Everest base camp (9%)
  • Admired the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (9%)
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A spokesperson from Homesense, commented, “It’s clear there’s a real disconnect between our desire to impress our friends and families with tales from abroad, when in reality we’re a nation of home birds preferring to perfect our dream home than go on a dream holiday.

“We do however wish to inspire the nation with exotic new finds to elevate their home, so if you’re looking for homeware inspiration from all over the world, we have a wide range of stunning homeware that caters to all tastes available in store – for a fraction of the price of a trip abroad.”


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