British tourists issued holiday warning over bedbugs

Bed bugs can inflict painful and itchy bites and ruin a holiday. The bugs can even hitch a ride home in tourists’ luggage.

An expert has warned tourists to never unpack their holiday luggage in their bedroom in case the bugs jump onto soft furnishings.

However, British tourists could be at more risk of the bugs during the summer peak holiday months.

Bed bugs tend to come out of hibernation during warmer temperatures and their ideal temperature is between 21 and 31 degrees.

Jacob Wedderburn-Day, travel expert at Stasher, has shared his top tips to avoid the bed bugs.

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Don’t make yourself at home too quickly

Jacob said: “When you arrive in your hotel room, resist the urge to dive into those crisp white sheets.

“No matter how clean the room looks, or how luxurious the hotel is, always inspect the bed and any other fabric furniture items.”

Tourists should look out for moving brown or black spots and check for a sickly sweet scent which could indicate the bugs’ presence.

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Don’t put your luggage on the bed, carpet or sofa

Jacob said: “A good habit to get into when you travel is to avoid placing your luggage on the bed, carpet or sofa.

“If there is a bedbug infestation, they will take the opportunity to crawl into your suitcase and enjoy a free trip home with you.”

Jacob recommends leaving luggage on a luggage rack or a cold hard surface which the bugs won’t like.

Don’t accept a room swap

Jacob said: “If you do find any bedbugs, always alert hotel management and request a refund to change hotels.

“You may be offered another room instead, but as housekeeping carts can spread the bugs around the building, your best bet is to get out of there if you can.”

There may be a bedbug infestation throughout the whole hotel so it’s a good idea to move accommodation if guests spot bugs.

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