British expat complains about Australia’s housing

Australia is a leading destination for British expats with many Britons attracted by the appeal of life Down Under.

However, an expat has claimed there isn’t “enough affordable housing” particularly for retired people.

A new study from the team at InterNations asked expats around the world to rank their home based on several key factors.

While one country topped the rankings, Australia landed outside the top 10 in 20th place out of 53 destinations.

Expats were happy with the country’s job market but the country’s housing was an issue for many.

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Around 60 percent of expats said they found housing in Australia unaffordable while just under 40 percent said it was hard to find.

One British expat said: “There is not enough affordable housing, especially for retired people. And the cost of rent is ridiculous.”

The cost of housing in Australia is high partly due to issues with supply and demand and expats may struggle to find a suitable home.

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Nearly half of the expats surveyed felt that the general cost of living in Australia was very high.

They didn’t have much hope for the future with one expat from America saying: “The cost of living is just getting more expensive.”

A whopping one in three expats felt their disposable household income wasn’t enough to live comfortably on.

However, expats did love the environment and scenery in Australia with one saying it was “one of the most beautiful places I know”.

They loved the country’s “unique wildlife, beautiful beaches and tropical rainforests” most of all.

Despite this, some expats struggled with how isolated Australia is and one said: “Australia is too far from any other place in the world, even New Zealand is 3.5 hours away!”

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