Brazen bloke shares ‘cheap holiday’ trick – visiting places after terror attacks

A brazen holidaygoer has revealed his secret to getting cheaper deals and it involves chasing terror attacks.

With pursestrings being squeezed tighter than ever, most people are looking for ways to cut costs on the search for a holiday.

But few would follow the advice of US traveller Robert Zirgulis, who has advised tourists to head into the face of danger, instead of avoiding it, to experience luxury holidays on a budget.

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Appearing on an episode of Podcast But Outside while attending a free speech rally, Robert outlined his quest to visit 100 countries, before describing the unique way he has managed to cut his costs while travelling abroad.

“It sounds kind of macabre, but I like to go and visit a country after a terror attack,” he revealed.

“Just think about it, after a terror attack the horse has already left the barn, it’s cheap.

“I’ll give you an example; I was in Istanbul after they had that bombing at the airport. So I went there and there was a bus where there was supposed to be 50 people, how many do you think were on the bus?… One. So I got the whole tour to myself.

“I stayed at a $300 (roughly £250) hotel for $30 (about £26).”

The hosts were left stunned and joked that Robert must immediately scan flight comparison sites when he hears news of a terror attack.

“Sometimes it happens that way,” he responded. “You get really good deals and the security is fantastic.”

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“I’ve gotten flights to Peru, for a round trip [I paid] around $230 (about £200)… There was probably an earthquake or something.”

If you do fancy following Robert’s advice (which is not recommended), then you might not want to fall asleep within the first two hours of departure.

This is after a flight attendant posted a video on TikTok warning passengers that cabin crew will likely not disturb sleeping travellers to serve them food at meal teams, meaning you may miss out on a free meal.


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