Best things to do in Madeira: Why this island is a must visit for culture lovers

Soak up the sun during a breathtaking wine and food walking tour in Funchal, where you can try local fish and alcohol.

Or travel to the top with a cable car experience to Monte where you will find the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens.

Then enjoy a thrilling four hour Jeep tour experience around the south part of the island of Madeira, visiting six gorgeous view points.

Madeira is certainly a place full of culture, food and a lot of wine, here I reveal the best things to do on the island.

One of the things which enticed me the most during the food and wine walking tour in Funchal was the amount on offer. The wine was as crisp as the water and the meat as fresh as the ocean, it was all to die for.

During the nine stops, I learnt a lot about the culture in Madeira, including everything there is to know about the wine.

Coral, which was the local beer, was served with Bolo do Caco (traditional bread), Gaiado (small pieces of tuna fish) and pork meat marinated in wine and garlic.

Locals enjoy the traditional Poncha, which is an alcoholic drink used to treat cold-like symptoms, but is also used after dinner to digest food.

And finally, just when I thought I had all the food in Madeira, I tried the black scabbard fillet sandwich with the famous passion fruit Brisa. This was followed by a cup of fennel tea and local cheesecake which was mouthwatering.

For more information on the Food and Wine Walking Tour, visit here.

Taking a cable car to the top was the perfect way to see the whole of Madeira.

Once I reached the top – where the views were breathtaking – it was finally time for the sledge car experience, something I'd never tried before.

The sledge car was dragged and pushed down the hill by two men in traditional clothing, it was thrilling, yet liberating to experience.

For more information on the Cable Car to Monte and the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens, visit here.

Travel through the vineyards, mountains and hills of Madeira during an exciting Jeep tour which shows the scenic views of the south.

I learned all about the fruits that are grown on the island. From bananas to avocados, cherries, grapes, and more.

I drove for four hours, reaching a high point of a mountain then back down again to see the viewing point in Cabo Girão.

From there I drove back to Câmara de Lobos, fully satisfied with the amount of scenery I saw on the south of the island.

For more information on the Half Day or Full Day Jeep Tour with Adventure Land, visit here.

How to fly to Madeira: Take off from London Gatwick Airport with a four-hour direct flight to Madeira Airport. Prices range from £45 to £151 (dependent on time of visit) if flying with British Airways.

Alternatively, low budget airline easyJet offers flights for affordable prices which vary on time of travel.

Where to stay: Hotel Pestana Churchill Bay

Located on the bay of Câmara de Lobos, a picturesque Madeiran fishing city a few minutes away from Funchal.

This hotel was the first hotel to open in the historic centre of Câmara de Lobos.

Food here was exceptional, with fish served so fresh, and the staff were lovely and welcoming.

Definitely a must-stay, the hotel has a pool which overlooks the bay and mountains, a gym and a massage room for ultimate relaxation.

For more information on Hotel Pestana Churchill Bay, visit here.

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