Best nudist beaches in Europe – from racy French resort to Brighton hotspot

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This week, Spanish beach Vera Playa made headlines for its enormous naturist zone which was first created in 1979.

While other areas in Spain won't allow you to go in the buff, but this place lets you get your booty out all year round.

The beach stretched for 2km and tourists can go fully nude.

There’s also a nudist bar for those who like to feel the wind on their skin.

Alongside the beach and bar, the Vera Playa Club is the first naturist hotel in Spain – it even has a swimming pool if you don’t want to take your clothes off on the beach.

While many nudist areas make clothing “optional” the Vera Playa Club requires you to be naked.

But, it turns out that there are plenty of nudist beaches and resorts around Europe – including the UK.

We’ve found some of the most beautiful, and welcoming, naturist zones in our favourite holiday destination countries.

Check them out below:

Paralía Mikrí Banána, Skiathos, Greece

This stunning Greek island boasts blue coast and sandy beaches, but there’s also an official naked beach.

Visitors return each year to sun their buns in the hot Mediterranean weather among fellow nudists.

There’s also a beach bar with music.

Though sometimes those who prefer to wear clothes stumble across this hidden gem.

On TripAdvisor, one reviewer said: “Visited the beach for the third continuous summer with my wife.

“The spirit of the beach is still there and well alive.

“It is still a nudist beach, with brilliant and relaxed atmosphere. The music is great and not disturbing at all.”

While another noted: “It seems that the little banana is filled with little bananas as everyone was nude! Loved it and you can climb over the rocks to reach big banana beach.”

Cap d’Agde village, France

In the centre of a naturist village this beach has more than a mile of designated naked space.

You can relax in the sunshine or let loose at one of the exciting nude foam parties.

There are different sections for different lifestyles too.

On TripAdvisor one poster said: “Following the advice of others, we turned left passed the quieter nudist area, and set up past the last guard stand in the much more crowded area, If this was a movie, the rating differences between the two sections would be from 'R' to 'XXX'.

“We have been to clothing optional beaches before where a percentage of people were nude.

“Here, we enjoyed the fact that everyone was nude, and you did not even need to bother to cover up if you wanted to use the rest rooms or grab a drink.”

Red Sand Beach, Crete, Greece

Situated on another stunning Greek Island, Red Sand Beach is smaller and more Ricky, but screamingly hot in the summer time with turquoise waters.

While you may want to bring sandals – tourists sometimes complain about the ground hurting their feet – you don’t need to wear any other clothing.

Although, please, do put on suncream!

While more difficult to reach, this gorgeous beach provides a little more privacy than larger resorts.

On TripAdvisor, one of hundreds of five star reviews said: “It is a little bit difficult to reach this beautiful beach but it is worth it to go there.

“It is a cove that is surrounded by rocks with a nudist and textile beachside.”

While another added: “Amazing hike through the mountain, breathtaking views on the way. It takes about 30 min to get tot he beach from the parking, but so so worth it!

“Hidden beach, with only one 'Mojito' bar in the entire beach away from all the touristy vibe.

“It is a nudist beach, so be prepared.

“Water is AMAZING, so clean and you can swim forever. One of the best beaches in Crete for sure.”

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Brighton Naturist Beach, England

Situated in our very own Blighty, this area was the first naturist beach in the country.

Situated just off the Marine Parade, near Burlington Street, it’s a great place to get an all over tan – when it’s sunny enough.

While designated for naturists some fully clothed tourists do happen upon the beach so be prepared to stand your ground.

Some reviews do state that the naturist beach is predominantly visited by men, but women attend also.

One TripAdvisor review said: “Overall a lovely experience and one to be repeated. Not sleazy in in the slightest.

“Go do something different. It is liberating and good for the soul. Do it!”

While another added: “Me and the wife had a week off from the kids and fancied doing something different, we were very nervous about getting our kit off in front of others… BUT within minutes of finding our place on the beach, among the many nude bathers, we were joining them.

“I have never felt so comfortable, relaxed, and free, the feeling was incredible we even went in the sea (not for long as it was really choppy) but again an amazing feeling of freedom.

“We weren’t bothered by anyone and everyone seems very content.

“I will be going back.”

Would you ever visit a naturist beach? Tell us in the comments…

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