Banksy Showcases 'Separation Wall' Exhibit at World Travel Market

Banksy delighted crowds at World Travel Market today in London after setting up a stall in the Palestine stand that showcased a new piece of artwork.

This work features a replica of the 400-mile wall built by Israel along the West Bank. Two angels, one symbolizing Israel and the other Palestine, are separated by the wall.

Bansky shared the photo four days ago on Instagram with a description that read: “I’ve painted a replica separation barrier to promote the Walled Off hotel, ironically the neighbours have complained it’s too tall. We’ll be at the Palestine stand giving away free stuff, World Travel Fair, London Excel centre 6th and 7th November. Free to get in if you register online today and pretend to be a travel agent.”

The Palestine stand is one of the smallest stands at the World Travel Market event, but crowds descended upon it this morning to get a first-hand look at Banksy’s newest piece.

In 2017, Banksy opened the Walled Off Hotel, a small 10-room hotel that sits on the barrier wall in the West Bank. Publicity from this Banksy piece is sure to draw attention back to the property.

According to, Owner Wisam Salsaa said, “As soon as we decided to participate at the show, we decided to bring a piece of Banksy art with us. We travel to promote the business and thought this was a good opportunity for us to raise awareness about our hotel.”

He added: “There are thousands of hotel rooms in Bethlehem now. Over the last three months, we have had 100 percent occupancy in the city. Once again there is no room at the inn. This was one of Banksy’s motivations to help open the hotel. He wanted to help open up tourism.”

The opening of the Walled Off Hotel was meant to spark dialogue, and thanks to Banksy’s newest piece of work this will continue to happen.

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