Airmaggedon 2022: Why has air travel become so miserable?: Travel Weekly

In this episode:

  • 1:08 – Meet our guest, Flight Centre’s Marc Cast
  • 1:52 – What is going on with air travel? Delays and cancellations abound – why are things so bad
  • 3:09 – Has air travel ever been this disrupted in the past
  • 4:24 – What can travel advisors do to help their clients who are taking to the skies
  • 2:27 – If a traveler doesn’t buy a refundable airline ticket, do they have a right to get their money back
  • 8:00 – If an agent didn’t book someone’s ticket, can they still step in and help if they wanted to
  • 9:06 – There’s another big story about airlines this summer: a potential merger between Spirit and Frontier or JetBlue. Will that have an impact on the larger air travel space in general?
    10:05 – Marc is a frequent traveler. Have rampant flight delays and cancellations changed the way he travels recently?
  • 12:42 – Is there any end in sight to what’s going on with airlines
  • 15:02 – A PSA from Emma: Sign up for trusted traveler programs
  • 15:45 – An addendum from Marc: Use biometric services, too
  • 16:00 – And Jamie’s secret shame: She’s only had PreCheck since 2019!
  • 17:45 – In the second half of the show, we’ll hear from two listeners: Sarah Johnson of Paper, Ink & Passports Travel, and Ronda Helton of the Travel Connection Group. They share some tips and tricks for dealing with air travel this summer.

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