Airline offers free flights to people willing to adopt adorable stray kittens

Plenty of us are craving a holiday now that the weather is cold and miserable – but the cost of one straight after Christmas puts us off.

Well, if you've been thinking about getting a cat or adopting an animal you might be in luck.

An air carrier is giving out free plane tickets to people who adopt a cat.

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Frontier Airlines has announced it will give free flight vouchers to whoever adopts one of three kittens.

The ownerless cats, who were named after airlines, are currently living at a Las Vegas-based animal shelter.

Frontier, Spirit and Delta are recent arrivals at the Animal Foundation of Las Vegas, Nevada’s largest animal shelter, reports the Mirror.

Anyone who is able to give the cats a new home could find themselves and a friend whizzing around at 30,000 feet for free.

“We’d love to donate two flight vouchers each to the people who adopt @Delta and @Spirit; and four vouchers to the person who adopts Frontier,” the Denver-based carrier tweeted last week.

The vouchers have been delivered to the shelter, but won’t be distributed until the kittens are ready for adoption in about a month.

Frontier corporate communications director Jennifer de la Cruz said: “The kittens are a bit young to be adopted out yet, according to what the organization has indicated, but should be ready for adoption in a month or so.”

However, cats are not always a hit with plane passengers.

A disabled woman was recently left livid after she was told to move by a flight attendant so fellow passengers could sit with their cat.

The woman, whose foot was in "unbearable pain" after a recent fall, was relieved to be settled into her seat and ready to relax for the journey.

However, a couple boarded the plane with a cat in a carrier and sat down in the front row which is when everything went wrong.

The disgruntled holidaymaker claims a flight attendant asked her to switch seats because the couple could not have their pet in a carrier in the front row.

She explained: "The flight attendant comes and asks us to switch with them. There was an empty seat directly behind the couple and at least ten other people directly around us, and we're in the third row back on the other side.

"We said no politely and explained that I'm disabled. I explained that it took a lot to get to my seat, I boarded early for extra time, and that I was in so much pain that I didn't want to get up again."

Although the situation was eventually resolved with another passenger volunteering, she claims the flight attendant and couple spent most of the journey glaring at her.


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