Abusive' plane passenger is seen hurling insults – before VOMITING

‘Intoxicated, verbally abusive’ American Airlines passenger is filmed hurling slurs at her fellow travelers – before VOMITING on the bags of the woman behind her – as plane staff are slammed for refusing to clean it up

  • Nicole Schreib was on a flight with an intoxicated woman seated in front of her
  • She was disorderly and vomiting – and  Nicole realized she was sick on her bags
  • Nicole says American Airlines only offered her $50 in compensation  

A woman has opened up about her flight from hell – which she says saw an ‘intoxicated’ passenger verbally abusing her fellow travelers before vomiting on two of her bags. 

Nicole Schreib was getting ready to travel from New York to Miami on a American Airlines flight when she says she spotted two highly intoxicated women in the bathroom at the airport.

‘Two of them were walking arm and arm, stumbling drunk, and ran right into me in the bathroom,’ she told Business Insider.

‘It was just crazy because it was 7:30 in the morning.

Nicole Schreib was getting ready to travel from New York to Miami on a American Airlines flight when a highly intoxicated woman sat in front of her (pictured) – and vomited on her bags

‘You don’t expect that at that time.’ 

When she boarded the flight with her fiancé, she realized one of the women was actually on her flight sat in front of her, and was causing a scene.

‘[The woman was] slurring her words and can barely talk,’ Nicole said. 

‘This woman should not be on this plane. I was concerned, honestly.’

Mid-flight, one of the women started vomiting – with some of it landing on two of Nicole’s bags, which were stowed under the seat in front of her.

‘I couldn’t believe the amount,’ Nicole, who works as a lawyer according to her social media profile,  admitted.

The disgruntled passenger said she didn’t take any photos of the vomit, and was told by a flight attendant they couldn’t clean it up as it’s a bodily fluid.

After landing, she contacted American Airlines hoping the company would compensate her for the inconvenience – and vomit – adding the flight crew was aware she was drunk when she boarded the flight.

Nicole Schreib (pictured) recounted her experience on social media, expressing her disappointment in the airline

As per Business Insider, the airline emailed Nicole telling her they couldn’t take responsibility for the other passenger. 

‘I’m sorry to hear your property was damaged by another passenger,’ the email read.

It continued: ‘While I can certainly understand your frustration with the situation, unintentional things can and do happen in public spaces. Although it is unfortunate that you were involved in this situation, we are unable to take responsibility for the actions of another individual.’

After pushing the issue further, Nicole said she was offered $50 in compensation – saying that’s not good enough.

‘It’s not about the money,’ she argued. ‘It was about taking a little responsibility and actually apologizing for what happened.’

A spokesperson from American Airlines told the DailyMail.com: ‘We strive to provide a positive travel experience for all of our customers, and a member of our team has reached out to learn more.’ 

Nicole said said she didn’t take any photos of the vomit on her bag, and was told by a flight attendant they couldn’t clean it up as it’s a bodily fluid (stock image)

She claims American Airlines only offered her $50 in compensation when she contacted them, upset about her experience (stock image)

The lawyer took to social media to share what had happened – along with a short clip of the offending woman lying in her seat with her feet up on the wall – and try to get some answers.

‘American Airlines allowed this intoxicated, verbally abusive woman on my flight despite removing one of her friends,’ Nicole wrote on X, previously known as Twitter.

‘Here she is calling the two men in her aisle “pu**ies” prior to puking on the floor and my bags – $50 credit is all they offered as compensation,’ she raged.

In a follow-up post, Nicole responded to a reply from American Airlines, who suggested she request a review of the email they sent her.

‘I did that and spoke to someone and that’s when I was offered the ridiculous amount of $50 compensation for the horrific flight that included wiping that woman’s vomit off my personal belongings,’ she wrote in a scathing reply.

‘She was visually intoxicated and verbally obnoxious and abusive well before takeoff.’

Nicole said she was unsure if she would book another American Airlines flight and would be flying with a ‘bag that is waterproof’ from now on.

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