4 best places to visit in Colombia

Colombia is one of the most charming destinations that stole the hearts of wanderlusters. All over the country, you’ll find beautiful attractions with sandy beaches, amazing mountain views, and captivating rainforests. Its magic is reflected in the culture of the country. Colombia is a perfect place to satisfy every tourist who’s looking to have a good time. If you are planning a trip to Colombia, you should check out the amazing parks, historical cities and the wonderful culture that this country has to offer. A long time ago, Colombia was not on the tourist list because it wasn’t a safe place to visit. However, things changed a lot a few decades ago and the government took care of the image of this amazing country. Now, Colombia became one of the best places to visit.

1.Medellin, Colombia
Medellin was once called the most dangerous city in Colombia. But its image changed and people are now calling it “the city of eternal spring”. Because of the warm temperatures, trendy coffee shops, and fine restaurants, people transformed the city in one of the most attractive places in Colombia. Travelers have the chance to experience the chaotic, yet great atmosphere with rising mountains and thriving coffee plantations. It’s the second-largest city in Colombia, so if you’re looking for a place to get lost among 3 million people, Medellin is the reason to travel alone. Settled in a valley next to the mountains with clouds around coffee plantations will give you a spectacular view. Medellin has a lot to offer, from luxurious restaurants to stunning public places and a lot of interesting accommodations. Thinking about old Colombia, many people travel to this place with less money than they actually spend. Especially if it’s their first time traveling here. Luckily, Colombia experienced huge economic changes and there are multiple ways to receive and send money. You can easily search online to find out more about sending money to Colombia.

Also, many travelers are excited to go on tour and find out more about the city’s violent past, including Escobar tours. People still mention Pablo Escobar as “the king of Colombia” and honestly, it would be kind of impossible to ignore the impact he had over the country. The tour became so popular that if you want to join it, you’ll have to book online in advance.

2.Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena became a massive attraction for tourists with more than 1 million travelers per year. People from America and Canada can enjoy visiting this beautiful coast due to the convenient ticket flights. In Cartagena, you can relax on the charming beaches and explore the lovely city center. You’ll be surprised how wonderful it is to admire the historical attractions under the warmth of the sun. Most of the hotels and local shops are located in order to be very walkable. Spending a few days in this amazing city will make you want to travel around the whole country. That’s the Colombian effect, the cities will only make you crave for more adventure. If you’re looking for street art, Getsemani is the perfect place for you to go to. It’s a neighborhood with less expensive cafés and a vibrant atmosphere. You can also find all-inclusive resorts in the southeast of the city, so settle down, it’s time to enjoy your journey.

3.The Amazon Region
It’s time for adventure! The Amazon Rainforest covers most areas in Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. If you’re brave enough for some adventure, visit the Amazon Rainforest and you’ll be part of an exclusive experience. Also, there are villages with no electricity or water. It may sound weird or sad to you, but discovering the customs of those who live there, you’ll actually see that they’re happier and healthier than most people that live in the cities. You’ll have the opportunity to go fishing for piranhas, take boat trips and visit the monkey island. Feeling the connection with nature when entering one of the biggest jungles in the world is something you’ll hardly describe with words. Do not miss the chance to see unique species and hear the wonderful songs of the exotic birds in the amazing Colombian Amazon Region.

4.The Rosario Islands
With a distance of only one hour away from the Cartagena city, the Rosario Islands are an archipelago located on the Colombian Caribbean coast. These islands are worth a visit, as they’re one of Colombia’s most important national parks. If you are visiting Cartagena, pack your bag and go on a trip of 1 day or 2 in these amazing islands. They’re very close to the city, so it’ll be easier for any tourists to have a break from the urban environment. The Rosario Islands are welcoming you with its cool winds and gorgeous nature. The perfect way to spend a few days in paradise. You’ll have the chance to accommodate in some of the most luxurious hotels and mansions with large swimming pools, spacious rooms, and big terraces with breath-taking views. What else could you want more? Oh, wait! The stunning Caribbean beaches are something you’ll definitely want to experience. Sparkling water, soft white sand, and palm trees are just perfect to make you feel like you’re in heaven.
All these beautiful and interesting places should be on your vacation list because you’ll see many wonderful things that are worth visiting. There are so many stunning places to visit in Colombia but these are the most attractive ones, so pack your bags and start planning your trip. Colombians are very friendly and they will make you feel more than welcome to their country. Over the years, Colombia became the most attractive destination for tourists. This amazing country is full of wonderful forests, stunning beaches, rising mountains, and prosperous coffee plantations. Why you should visit Colombia? Because this amazing destination is full of life and energy. You can’t get bored for a second, the culture of this place will make you want to explore more and more.

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