U.S. airlines trim cancellation, delay numbers over Labor Day weekend: Travel Weekly

U.S. airlines canceled just 0.6% of flights during the four Labor Day weekend travel days, according to FlightAware, ending a summer of poor operations on a positive note. 

U.S. carriers also delayed 16% of flights from Friday through Monday. 

The cancellation figure compares favorably with Labor Day weekend 2019, when U.S. airlines canceled 2.6% of flights, and with last year, when their cancellation rate was 1.5%.


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But the delay percentage was higher than both of those years. Last year, U.S. airlines delayed 13% of flights on Labor Day weekend. In 2019, they delayed 11.6% of flights. 

Still, the delay rate for the holiday weekend represents an improvement for airlines compared with the summer overall. From the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day, U.S. carriers delayed 22.3% of flights. The traditional summer travel period saw U.S. carriers cancel 2.1% of flights overall.

Poor operations, especially from the mid-spring through early summer, caused U.S. carriers to significantly scale back flight schedules. They also caused a surge of media scrutiny and led to the DOT’s launch last week of a dashboard that compares the services airlines offer when they are responsible for flight delays and cancellations.

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